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If you’re planning to buy Anadrol 25 you need to know What Anadrol is:


It is a man-made hormone that is anabolic in nature and which functions more or less the same as natural testosterone. Anadrol has been used for many years to treat certain anemias, including those caused by chemotherapy. Although Anadrol has been used by many athletes, no substantive studies have proven that it enhances athletic performance and experts argue that it shouldn’t be used towards this end.


Important Information about Androl 25


People with severe kidney or liver complications, as well as certain types of cancer, should not use Anadrol 25. Additionally, mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid using this medication. Finally, long-term use of oxymetholone has been linked to tumors in the liver and cysts in the spleen.


Anadrol 25 Benefits

  • a lot of weight gain.
  • Constructing muscle
  • Strengthens the musclesOral form
  • Joint support
  • Losing weight


Is Anadrol 25 safe?


Anadrol is still FDA-approved in the United States for treating anemia. As a result, when Oxymetholone is taken under a doctor’s supervision, it is considered safe. However, bodybuilders who use Anadrol in a non-medical environment run the danger of becoming addicted. This opens the door for people to take Anadrol in high doses and in frequent cycles. Anadrol 25 is taken in recreational settings, it may not be the real Oxymetholone due to its purchase on the black market. Even though Anadrol is FDA approved, it’s still one of the harshest steroids used in bodybuilding use extreme caution.


Anadrol 25 Dosage


Male bodybuilders usually take 50-100mg of Anadrol daily for 4-8 weeks. Women looking to build muscle should use 12.5-25mg per day for 4-6 weeks. Because Anadrol’s half-life is only 5 to 9 hours, doses must be split up and taken more than once throughout the day. Usually, pills come in 50mg doses, so using a pill cutter would give you 2 to 4 individual dosages each day.

Intake of Anadrol pills with food may reduce their bioavailability and effectiveness. For best results, take them on an empty stomach. Higher doses will result in more side effects experienced by the user, without many additional benefits as far as results are concerned.