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If you’re planning to buy s23 you need to know What is s23?


  • S23 is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). C-6 was modified in order to make it. S23 is, in fact, a better version of C-6, with improved bioavailability and binding affinity. The bioavailability of S23 is extremely high, reaching up to 96 percent and rivaling LGD-4033 in terms of binding affinity.
  • S23 is a full agonist of the androgen receptor and is the only SARM, alongside LGD-4033 to have that honor. Naturally, this makes S23 very suppressive and comparable to steroids when it comes to the Testosterone suppression experienced. It’s important to note that S23 caused infertility on any rat it was tested on, that’s how powerful it is.

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How does S23 work?


The same mechanisms that anabolic steroids use to build muscle, SRT3x and other SARMs like it operate on, such as SARMs’ selective mechanism of action. This means that, unlike steroids, this SARM will only target androgen receptors in our muscles without causing adverse effects like those caused by anabolic steroids that have androgen receptors in our prostate.

S23 is a SARM that’s been used in the treatment of patients with hypogonadism. Because it has a relatively low binding affinity for other endogenous androgen receptors, this indicates that it should be fairly simple to use as injectable therapy for this purpose. In fact, because of its minimal interaction with other hormones and target proteins, there will be very few negative effects associated with its usage. As a result, SARMs such as S23 and YK11 are very similar to steroids in terms of their side effects profile.

What are the Benefits of s23?


Increased Muscle Mass

This is why people are talking about S23. You will get tremendous muscle growth with this SARM. The efficacy of S23 in promoting muscular growth is comparable to that of powerful steroids. This is why some individuals refer to S23 as a strange hybrid between SARMs and steroids. needless to say, we don’t suggest something like this to a beginner because their body wouldn’t be able to cope with it. Remember, the most crucial aspects of your training and diet are still important. Even though S23 is powerful, it won’t help you unless you train with it and eat correctly. Furthermore, if you don’t continue to work out following the cycle, you will probably lose all of your gains.

Increased Strength

The S23 steroid cycle has a significant advantage over other alternatives in that it improves your strength. Week after week, they get stronger and can routinely break their prior records (personal bests). According to them, this is not unusual: they frequently exceed 50 pounds on their main lifts, the bench press, deadlift, and squat.

When it comes to maintaining that level of strength, take it with a grain of salt. You won’t be able to keep all of your strength gains, but you might be able to preserve most of them if you follow proper training after the cycle.

Fat Loss

Simecine S23 is not as effective at promoting fat loss as Stenabolic or Cardarine, but it still does fairly well. This implies that you will be able to gain muscle while losing weight. When on a modest calorie surplus, you will also be able to lose some fat. People also remark that they appear more vascular throughout their cycles.

Boosted Endurance And Reduced Recovery Times

S-23 will, to some extent, increase your endurance. It won’t be as strong as other compounds, but it will still be evident. You’ll be able to exercise for longer periods of time and take fewer breaks between sets. In addition, it is being studied as a “male birth control pill,” which makes sense because it improves stamina in bed.

Another benefit of S-23 is that it will reduce your recovery times. The typical recovery time following a difficult gym session is 72 hours. People who use S23 report that their recovery periods were reduced to less than 24 hours. This will allow you to work out more frequently, resulting in better outcomes.


What is the dosage and length of s23?


We recommend that you start with 5mg a day and adjust your dosage up or down after assessing your results. Because S-23 has a 12-hour half-life, you should divide your daily dose into two parts and take the first in the morning and the second in the evening. For example, an ideal cycle would be 2.5mg each morning and evening for 8 weeks. We don’t suggest taking your cycle longer than 8 weeks.




  • Infertility is the first result I want to mention, and it’s something that many men experience when taking S-23. Some people become concerned, while others are relieved since they no longer need to use a contraceptive during sex. You shouldn’t worry too much about this side effect of S-23 because it is only temporary in nature.
  • The other outcomes you can anticipate are much more encouraging. to start, expect to add around 15 to 20 pounds of muscle in one eight-week cycle. Your strength will skyrocket, and you’ll be breaking most of your personal records by the fourth week.
  • Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy your workout more since S23’s decreased recovery times go a long way in allowing you to get back on track quicker. Finally, in just two months, you’ll lose around 5% of your total body fat and won’t have to do much more than stick to a healthy diet and exercise program.