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If you will buy Sr9009 first you need to know what Sr9009 is


  • SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is a research drug that belongs to a class of compounds called REV-ERB agonists. SR9009 was developed by The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in 2009. It is an orally active compound that increases exercise endurance and metabolism in mice. SR9009 has shown promise in animal studies as a potential treatment for obesity, diabetes, and other metabolism-related disorders. It is currently being investigated in clinical trials for its safety and efficacy in humans.

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How does Sr9009 work?


SR9009 is a Rev-ErbA (Alpha) Ligand, which means it’s a chemical that enhances the activity of our body’s Rev-ErbA. This is referred to as an “enhancer.” The Stenabolic effect refers to how SR9009 works on each portion of our body.


Stenabolic increases the number of mitochondria in our muscles. As a result, we have an enormous increase in endurance. This is why SR9009 gives such a boost to our endurance. It works by increasing mitochondrial activity in our muscles. We end up burning fat as a result, and it enhances our endurance even more.


Rev-Erba prevents the formation of new fat cells. It essentially binds and removes the fat cell from our body. Stenabolic helps to promote this effect. This means that people who are currently on an SR9009 cycle will have a much smaller number of fat cells than they would if they weren’t taking this drug. Essentially, it indirectly promotes weight loss in our liver because we don’t make as many fat cells.


By increasing the Rev-ErbA activity, Stenabolic helps to decrease fat in our fat cells. In essence, it encourages your body to utilize the stored fat for energy, which directly leads to weight loss. The gene that makes us store fat is also blocked by Rev-ErbA.


What are the Benefits of Sr-9009?


Let’s look at each advantage in further depth.

Fat Loss

The most common reason (for some people, it may be enhanced Endurance) that people take Stenabolic is probably because it works in our muscles, fat tissue, and liver. Because it affects our muscles, fat tissue, and the liver, Stenabolic has shown to be highly effective in accelerating fat loss in animal studies. When it comes to fat loss, Stenabolic has been found to be extremely successful in animal research.

Even while eating maintenance calories, you will be able to shed fat. Most people notice that they are losing weight in 10-14 days because of Stenabolic. Of course, it also depends on how often you exercise and what kind of food you eat. nSR9009 is easily capable of reducing body fat by 5%.

Improved Cholesterol And Cardiovascular Health

This is one of the major reasons why SR9009 is presently under study to be used to treat cardiovascular diseases. It’s a fantastic bargain if I have any cholesterol or heart issues. Stenabolic was tested on rats with a high-cholesterol diet and in only 7 days, their blood cholesterol levels were reduced. This is an incredible health boon.

Increased Endurance

Another benefit of taking Stenabolic or Sr-9009 is that it increases endurance. This was also verified in animal studies, with rats receiving Stenabolic demonstrating an almost immediate increase in running capacity relative to the other rats. You should see an improvement in your endurance within 20 minutes of taking your first dose. Most users notice a 50-60 percent boost in their endurance, with one user claiming that he or she feels like they have three lungs because he or she never gets winded. This implies that if you are active for at least 30 minutes per day (ideal), you will be able to run for miles and accomplish anything else without becoming weary.

Reduced Inflammation

Sr-9009 has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, thus it is quite effective and extremely successful. This isn’t really a benefit that we’re particularly interested in, but it’s still nice.

Reduced Anxiety

This is yet another advantage of Sr-9009 that may not be disclosed. It will virtually entirely relieve your entire cycle from anxiety. People have stated that throughout their Sr-9009 cycle, they were in a good mood. I also experienced this advantage during my cycle, and it was fantastic; it kept me in a good mood all day long.


Sr-9009 dosage and Cycle Length


For a cycle of 8 weeks, we recommend a dose of 30mg daily. This is also the norm among people, and it provides impressive results with no negative side effects. Check out our SR9009 dosage guide for more information on the finest Stenabolic dosage.