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If you’re planning to buy Winstrol you need to know What Winstrol is


It is one of the most well-known anabolic steroids worldwide. It was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in the late 1950s and has received significant media attention over the years. Even people who have never used anabolic steroids usually know about it – often because it’s referred to as “Winstrol” or “Stanozolol.” Winstrol is the common brand name for Stanozolol, a popular anabolic steroid. Unfortunately, it has garnered global attention because many athletes have been caught using it to gain an edge on their competition. In fact, Winstrol was at the center of the biggest athletic steroid scandal in history.

In 1988, after Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson took the gold at that year’s Summer Olympics, it was revealed he had taken the steroid Stanozolol. Not only did this give him an unfair advantage over his competition, but he easily defeated Carl Lewis–who was considered the favorite to win.

This event led to Stanozolol making headlines for a long time and ultimately resulted in the U.S. government beginning its war on steroids. The Johnson scenario is not the most significant athletic steroid scandal, which may well go to the decades-long East German doping machine; nonetheless, it would have the most impact. When Ben Johnson brought down the American golden boy, many believe this was the final nail in the coffin for the United States Congress’s argument to put anabolic steroids in Schedule III.


What are the benefits of taking Winstrol?


It has a wide range of benefits that are suited to a variety of individuals, but primarily to those who want an incredible boost in athletic performance or those aiming for fast body transformation.

  • Increased power, speed, and strength
  • Fat loss
  • Body composition
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Bone health


Winstrol Cycles and Stacks


Determining a Stanozolol-based cycle that is appropriate for you doesn’t just involve the dosage. It will consider many things, including but not limited to: yes, the dosage is critical, but so are other factors such as the length of the cycle (and we’re somewhat restricted in that area with Winstrol), any additional substances you want to stack it with, your goals, and your steroid experience.


Beginner Winstrol cycle


It isn’t the best steroid for new users to take because of its potentially serious side effects, you can try it at low doses if you’re set on using it. If your body responds well to this drug, then slowly raise the dose. A short cycle of 6 weeks can be a great introduction to Winstrol:

  • Weeks 1-6: Winstrol 10mg daily (increase to 20mg at week 2-3 if it’s well tolerated)
  • Weeks 1-6: Testosterone 100mg weekly (to maintain adequate testosterone levels)


Intermediate Winstrol Cycle


An average cycle will include an additional steroid. Examples of this could be Anadrol or­Trenbolone, which when taken in moderate doses can really enhance results.

6 week Stanozolol and Anadrol cycle:

  • Winstrol 25mg daily
  • Anadrol 50-75mg daily

Anadrol causes fluid retention, but because results will be full, dry, and shredded with mass added, this combination is ideal as a pre-competition combination. The secret to reducing Anadrol’s fluid retention while still getting a relatively dry appearance on this stack is to keep your salt intake low throughout the cycle.


Advanced Winstrol Cycle


Trenbolone is a really advanced Winstrol cycle supplement, which includes Trenbolone – one of the most difficult steroids to use and only suitable for seasoned users. When these two strong steroids are combined, there’s a lot of potential for harm if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  • Winstrol: 20-25mg daily
  • Trenbolone: 150-200mg weekly

This could be a bulking or cutting stack, but it is most often used to bulk up while maintaining a dry appearance. The major benefit of Tren use in a bulking stack like this rather than testosterone is that you will be dealing with far less water weight.